Katriina Nora is a certified microblading and nanomicroblading artist

Katriina Nora was one of the first microblading artists to complete the Artist 2.0 microblading program of SharpBrows. This is considered to be one of the most modern programs in the world. In 2017 Katriina has also had individual trainings with her trainer Siiri Tabri to complete parts of the Artist 3.0 program that is the most modern and up to date microblading education in the world.

Katriina Nora - Microblading and pigmentation artist.

KataBrows salon in Lahti - Simple yet professional.

Katrina Nora with her trainer Siiri Tabri after completing the SharpBrows Artist 2.0 program in 2016/2017.

Katriina with Siiri Tabri after completing individual training of nanomicroblading and Lips pigmentation.

I can assure you that from all the students in Finland Katriina is one of the most interesting and remarkable ones. Why? She came from a total underdog position, at first her skills were very modest. She showed extraordinary discipline when it comes to practicing and she literally OUTWORKED her competition. Now, she makes extraordinary brows, her work is very very good and I can surely recommend her services.
— Siiri Tabri / SharpBrows trainer - microblading.vip

Katriina is one of the first artists in her region that has completed parts of the new Artist 3.0 program - the most modern microblading education in the world.

Katriina Nora has also been added to the map of microblading.fi - She is a Gold Level artist!

This simply means that she is one of the very best microblading artists in Finland. It takes a lot of stable, high quality work to make it to the map. After that several people have to accept rise to the Gold level. Katriina has progressed in a stable way and made it.